Aleka Sheppard

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Aleka Mandaraka-Sheppard, LLB(Athens,1st Hon);
LLM(University College, London); PhD(King's College London)

Solicitor to the English High Court; Attorney-at-law (Athens Bar Association); Mediator
Head of Shipping Law Unit of Faculty of Laws, University College, London

Founding Director of the London Shipping Law Centre 
Founding Director of Maritime Legal Risk Management ('MLRM') Consulting Ltd.

  • Practised shipping law for 16 years (3 spent in the commercial sector
  • Teaching shipping law and marine insurance for the last 10 years
  • Speaker at International Conferences
  • Member of several Maritime Law Associations
  • Writes on various aspects of shipping law and marine insurance - latest book is Modern Admiralty Law (with risk management aspects, including an analysis of the effects of the International Safety Management Code on shipowners' liabilities) 2001 -
  • Writes also in a multidisciplinary area: law, psychology, sociology and the penal system. She studied the management of organisational behaviour, in which her PH.D was awarded.

Lord Mustill, in his foreword to Modern Admiralty Law, said:
"In addition to the general merits of this book, there is one  theme which calls for particular mention. That is, the emphasis laid on risk management. In recent years, this has become a commonplace of business law and practice in many areas, but with a few notable exceptions it has been an absentee from study and practice in the maritime world. Fortunately this is now changing, and Dr. Mandaraka-Sheppard's focus on the subject will, it may be hoped, stimulate interest and promote a wider appreciation of its cardinal importance."


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